SvGaming's website


BlendOS mirror updated to Blend v3 stable!
You can access the mirror through the download zone (link).

Websites are moving to a new URL again!
The providers of localtunnel have now updated the service and it isn't suitable for my use case anymore.
From now on I will be using serveo for hosting my websites.
Here are the new URLs: - This website - Fossfor (gitforest)
For the time being command line git operations using the old localtunnel URL should still work however this may change in the future.
NOTE: The Minecraft server is completely unaffected by these changes.

Websites and Minecraft server moved to new URLs!
The sites are also now https instead of http.
This website:
Fossfor (gitforest):
SvGaming's SMP:

Just did a big server hardware upgrade!

I have a custom Git server called "GitForest" now!
Check it out: GitForest

Made lots of changes to the site today.

This website was created today.

About me:

Hi! I am SvGaming.
I like to code and do stuff related to computers.
I code in C, C++, HTML, CSS and Python. I also know how to write Bash and Batch scripts.
I know some stuff about electronics and I build computers.
I am also a big fan of Minecraft!
I use GNU/Linux.